Welcome to my journey of creativity, breathtaking challenges and amazing adventures. I started this journey because I believe that every person is an exceptional human being who creates a unique existence that cannot be replaced or compensated. With their different visions of the world and their originality, they innovate and inspire others to project their uniqueness. How do I know? Well, I use my words and my camera to capture their wonders and mind-blowing reflections and share them with the world. In every story, there is always more than what you see… So, watch carefully 😉 


Trying to imitate the superpowers of the eye and the incredible capacity of the memory, a camera can capture stories and events that transmit exceptional experiences across languages, cultures and borders. I look for inspirational individuals who are doing ordinary things, but are still shinning their surroundings and, more importantly, themselves. I dig for new adventures and film every moment to transform these experiences to everyone who didn’t get the chance to witness them.

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Word Wonders

A word is a very powerful tool; it can reflect the existence of the voiceless, it can be the defense of the armless, and the victory of the rebellion. A word that is crafted purposefully, can deliver strong statements, convey experiences, archive history, and tell great stories. I enjoy working with words to inspire, to encourage, to help revealing the truth, to innovate, to discover and to inform. I use my writing skills to bring people closer, and to enlighten them regardless of space, time, language and borders.

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I capture every moment into an everlasting memory. Through my adventures discovering places, buildings, trees, seas, skies, and mountains, I find beauty in every detail, which reflects uniqueness and lasts forever.

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Let’s share our passion for story-hunting and the magic of filmmaking, photography, words and documentaries. Find me on social media, or send me an email 🙂 Looking forward to meeting you.