Gehad Ibrahim

About Me

I am Gehad Ibrahim, I am a journalist, photographer and video editor. I want to work for either Reuters, or Al Jazeera. At the same time, I dream to be documentary producer. Hopefully one day I will have the best of both worlds. One thing that I learned from my life so far, is that our journeys never go as we plan, new roads might show up, while others disappear, the most important thing is that we have to keep our eyes on the destination, and to be flexible to adapt to the changes.

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What I do

Life is a series of memories: some are happy and others are sad. Our minds keep track of the events that matter to us. However, capturing these moments in photos is priceless. It allows us to keep these memories forever, and tell our stories to the coming generations.
Words can immortalize ideas, document events, tell stories and keep memories. Words grant strength to those who write them or speak of them. Words can make people travel to places they have never been to, and talk to people they have never known before. Words are great weapon for those who succeed in using them.
Video Editing
Filming is a very special world that has deep impact people the truth and reporting on the news. Even if there was a movie with no sound, different people can understand body language and the sequence of events. It is all about telling stories, and telling them right.


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