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Forever SpringPeople yearn for the spring after the long cold winter nights, so they can enjoy the warmth, beauty and sunlight. They know when to expect it and count days before its arrival. Nevertheless, The Arab Spring was like no other: it was never expected to come. The long and depressing nights of corruption and injustice darkened the life for the people of the Middle East. Until sun rays scattered the gloomy clouds and brought democracy, freedom and justice to remark an endless spring. But, what is the Arab Spring?October 27, 2014

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The Missed Spring2011In 2011, the world witnessed the longest spring ever. It started in Tunisia and swiped through the Arab World. Roses were growing with rights and freedom and the scent of democracy was in people’s houses, in the streets, in the air and everywhere for the first time in generations. People let go of their cloudy corrupt presidents, and they got back their glorious sparkling achievements racing to reach their golden warm dreams. This project documents the first steps of the Arab’s fight for a free and democratic future..
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Syria: This Was Home…After Tunisians sparked the first fireworks of victory, Arabs followed their lead to free themselves and their countries of the ruling dictators. Some succeeded in throwing away the corrupt presidents. However, others are still bleeding and dying to reach their long-lost right of decent life. Syria is the biggest victim of a greed dictatorship that ruled for more than two decades. They still pay their lives to free their country, but their crises is escalating for more than four years.October 27, 2014

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